7 Mar


 Why Just Learning Inc?

 Just Learning Inc is an incorporated association in Victoria, Australia.  We have an active commitment to facilitating access to educational opportunity for the socially disadvantaged.

It is commonly recognised that a significant proportion of disadvantaged young people in our society, do not complete their secondary education. This can lead to obstacles which may seem insurmountable and which sometimes prove to be insurmountable.

One of the most obvious and the most common barriers that people face when they haven’t had the opportunity to complete secondary school is that they don’t have a great selection of jobs.  It’s a simple but undeniable fact of our lives today that lack of skills means lack of employment.


Lack of education and training and the related lack of employment reduces the likelihood of access to good health care.   It’s now been documented that there is an inevitable but reversible link between lack of skills and knowledge gained in education and training and – you guessed it – poverty.  Unless the very low income person has lots of family support, homelessness, depression can often but not always follow.

Just learning – if a young person just learns basic literacy and numeracy a whole different world opens up to her and him.

Just learning – if a young person just learns some vocational skills a whole set of employment opportunities opens up for him or her.

Just learning – if a young person just learns that s/he has the same potential as their peers to do well academically, a whole world of professionals with better empathy for what we call the ‘disadvantaged’ becomes our future reality.


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